Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Norm Boldin



Norm Boldin

Norm started playing music at 11 in the 6th grade. A year later he began playing clarinet in his high schools marching and concert bands.

In his junior year of high school he began playing alto sax in the high schools new “dance band” and played swing dance music as he does now with the Roswell New Horizons Band. Norm attended college at Auburn. He played in the Auburn marching and concert bands and 3 years in the Auburn Knights Orchestra from 1958 -1961. He put his horns down in1961 and went into the Army (what is now called NSA) for three years. He began working for AT&T and stayed with them for 34 years until his retirement in 1998. Norm began his career at AT&T with telephone plant work (including climbing poles), engineering telephone facilities, developing a major facility restoration computer system (still in use in modified form today). Norm worked in Montgomery, Al., Atlanta,Ga., New York City, Bernardsville and Somerville, NJ, and later Atlanta again. He attended Ga. State University while working in Atlanta and completed a BBA and later an MBA with emphasis in Quantitative Methods and Computer Systems development.

Norm began playing again when he joined the Lebanon Roswell church orchestra in the late 90’s, then also joined the Roswell New Horizons Band shortly after. He later began playing in Bob Martin’s Take Note Big Band for several years until Norm and Nancy moved to Seagrove Beach, Florida on the gulf coast around 2005. He continued playing there in a Community Band in Panama City and a Jazz Big band in Ft. Walton beach. While there he occasionally played sax as a guest member in the Panama City Pops Orchestra and in his Church in Seagrove Beach.

He has been earnestly playing his instruments for a total of about 25 years. He plays tenor sax in the Roswell New Horizons Swing Band and subs on Alto Sax, and plays clarinet in the Pops Band. Norm also plays in the Atlanta 17 (tenor sax) and the Reflections Band (tenor sax).

Norm spends as much time as possible with his grandkids, Anslea and Bryson, his Mom, who is living in a Personal Care home in Alpharetta, and with Nancy’s parents, who also live nearby.

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