Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Art Geist



I never played an instrument until April 1998. In April 1998 I took my first instrument lesson on the tenor sax. I loved it! After about 5 months of lessons my instructor suggested I join an adult band that had just been formed, the Roswell New Horizons Band, at that time rehearsing at the Hembree Park Recreation Center in Roswell. I have been playing with the band for over 10 years. I later switched to the Bass Clarinet because the band needed someone to play it. I’ve played with the Toccoa Falls College Band, the Galloway School Band, and the Gwinnett Community Band.

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA. Started working after High School in a research lab for a specialty steel company (no surprise here  for a Pittsburgh resident).  Worked full time as a junior engineer while attending college taking engineering courses.  Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1971 and worked in the commercial nuclear power industry making, designing, and servicing nuclear fuel.  Changed to non-nuclear industries in the 1990s.  Retired from  Patterson Pump Company in 2015.  Decided to make music my main activity in retirement.  Also put getting my private pilot’s license on my “bucket list” and am currently on the verge of taking my federal test to get that  license.

Married to Nancy who also plays flute in the RNHB.  Have four children, with two of them living in the Atlanta area, one living in West Tennessee, and one in the Pacific Northwest , Gig Harbor Washington near  Tacoma Washington.. Have nine grandchildren spread around the country from Gig Harbor  to Atlanta.

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