Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Unicoi Park and Helen Area Suggested Activities


1) The Lodge provides maps showing the walking trails that exist at Unicoi. The Lodge provides a weekly “Things to Do” flyer which is available at check-in.

2) In addition to Unicoi park there is also very close by another state park, Smthgall Woods. I will have directions on how to get there. There are many hiking trails and facilities for picnicking, as well as excellent trout fishing.

3) Another “nature” sight of interest is Anna Ruby Falls. It is close by and there is parking available for those who want to hike up to the Falls.

4) The small town of Sautee is probably only about 4 miles from Unicoi. The Old Sautee Store dates back to 1872 and contains a museum from the period, as well as a completely modern and well-stocked gift shop. Next door is a sandwich shop and deli. Across the street is small group of shops, which cater to the arts.

5) Also, in Sautee, is the Folk Pottery Museum of Northeast Georgia. I will have info. on hours, directions, and admission fees. There is also an Art Museum located in the historic red brick schoolhouse, adjacent to the Pottery Museum.

6) The Mandala Wellness Retreat & Spa is located in Sautee-Nacoochee, also just a few miles from Unicoi. I will have brochures with Services available, fees, and general information.

7) Just South of Helen is the Habersham Vineyards Winery. There is a tasting area (the wine I tried was very good) and also a beautiful gift shop. When the bottling line is working, you will be able to watch it.

8) Adjacent to the Winery, is a 3-floor antiques mall, a pottery store and a couple of restaurants. One, the Nachoochee Grill, is supposed to be very good.

9) There is a Marina located at Lake Burton, (approx. 20 miles from Unicoi), and pontoon boats will be available for rent on the Thursday we will be there. I will have the telephone number and info.

10) There is sightseeing and shopping in Helen. Also, you can take a horse-drawn carriage ride, and there is a public library. There is an art gallery exhibiting local artists and a museum of the history of the city of Helen.

I will have this list available at the Registration Desk. Also, I plan to be at the Desk every morning after breakfast for at least a couple of hours, in case people want help in planning activities. If people would like to leave a message, we will have an easel or bulletin board. I will check for these throughout the day.

Sharon S. Lindberg