Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Thursday Night Performance at 2010 Band Camp

Promotion Plan for Thursday Night Performance at Band Camp

The Unicoi Lodge Public Relations/Marketing person will use her process for promoting events. Unicoi Lodge has weekly concerts during the summer. Normally a press release is distributed two weeks before the event because the media don’t publish further ahead than that. However, for the RNHB Band Camp she will also put out a press release one month ahead to provide the time for media to follow-up with an interview. Her distribution list includes:

• Newspapers
• Hotels
• Campgrounds
• Schools
• Libraries
• Restaurants
• Other groups who have expressed interest in performances in the past
• Several Visitors Centers for the nearby tourist areas, which will put our event on their web site where visitors go to find out things to do.

She will also put the RNHB Band Camp Concert on the weekly flyer that she puts out every week with events for the upcoming week.

Since the performance will be during spring break, there should be a good number of visitors in then area at that time.